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Welcome YSS Secret Agent


Mission Objective: Acquire video and audio surveillance of a private, closed door gathering of Rogue Underground Internet “Players” to discover their unique (and never before publicized) moneymaking secrets...Good Luck!


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Only 750 583 399 329 226 0 Individually Numbered Sets Will Be Made Publicly Available


You missed out on the Underground Online Marketing Seminar – Don’t miss out TWICE!



“Finally, The Most Elusive and Ultra-Secretive Group of ‘UNDERGROUND’ Internet Success Stories Agree

To Break Their ‘Code of Silence’ And Reveal Exactly How They Are Quietly Making Their Fortunes Online…And How YOU Can Too!”


You’ve Probably Never Heard About These

‘Under-The-Radar’ Insiders Silently Making Mega Bucks Online! (And they would have been happy to keep it that way too - until I figured out a surprising way to hold them hostage and let you “SPY” on their businesses!)


Private encrypted message from Yanik Silver


Dear Secret Agent,


Have you ever wondered IF there might just be a group of “under-the-radar” people making mega bucks online who do NOT speak at the seminars?


Could there be some well-hidden achievers who have truly cracked the code to Internet wealth out there?


The answer is absolutely! But finding them is another story all together…


You see, these Internet “mystery men and women” don’t go around looking for publicity! They don’t advertise their accomplishments because they don’t need to nor want to. And they are quite content to remain in the shadows and make their money “in the dark”, while keeping their mouths shut and their secrets very close to the vest.


At first glance, you would never imagine how successful they are and you probably couldn’t pick them out of a crowd. (Truth is, I’ve found it’s usually the quiet, unassuming people who you least expect are the ones actually making a ton of dough - not the ones shouting it from the roof tops.)


Now since I’m on the “inside” of the Internet marketing world – I’ve been privy to meet many of these true “Underground” online success stories. Usually it’s late into the evening and after I swore to keep everything “off the record” these guys (and gals) reveal exactly how much money they’re raking in from projects that have absolutely nothing to do with “how to make money online”.


After hearing this “same story” over and over again I felt like I wanted to explode! I can’t believe so many people have to struggle online while all these regular people are raking it in on the Internet - practically right under their nose.


But being true to my word I’ve never breathed a word about it - until now….


How This All Came About…


Nearly two years ago, my friend Dave, and I were sitting in a hotel bar having a drink after a conference. Dave was telling me about a recent seminar he attended and how disappointed he was, “It was a total product dump! I don’t know if I even got 10 minutes of content.”


“Listen, I realize the speakers sell their product at the end of their presentation”, he continued, “But I’m not going to be pitched for one hour straight. It’s ridiculous! And the crazy thing is nearly every one of the speakers has never sold anything else online except ‘how to make money online’ products. I mean come on!...


Well, I had to agree with him. He was right.


Then Dave started up again, “You know what I’d like to see?”


“What?” I replied leaning forward in my chair.


“I want to see real people who are making money online…just like I am. People actually doing it – not just talking about it. Dude, you got the connections. I think your customers would love this. You need to do this and I’ll even volunteer to be your first speaker.”


Hmmm…that got me thinking.


Dave was doing well online. He was making six-figures inside his first tiny little niche and also starting to do well with golfers and other niches he’s identified. He fit the part of definitely being an online success story that practically nobody had heard of.


I grabbed a pen and starting jotting down a bunch of names on the back of my Delta boarding stub I had in my pocket. In a half hour the “Underground Online Marketing Seminar” was born.


That was the easy part…


Now the hard part was actually convincing and coaxing these ‘players’ to share their true insider secrets. You see, money is NOT a motivator for them since almost all of them are financially set. But there had to be something else…


Why Would These “Top-Secret” Internet Success Stories

Agree To Finally Step Forward?


It finally struck me....


They could all learn from each other. Yes, that’s it! Many of these underground successes have their own network of friends and colleagues in their own niche marketplaces but they don’t necessarily have all the contacts and partners I have. Why not bring them all together for 2 ½ days?


I would coordinate and organize the whole thing, take them to top restaurants, put them up in a 4-star hotel all at my expense, etc – but the only “catch” for them is they had to agree to share their best secrets with a small, select audience.


Once I explained it all – many of them were even more excited about the whole thing than I was. What’s more, they were really thrilled to be able to share and give something back for their success.


I was stunned but it made perfect sense…


To them, it didn’t matter about increased competition. There was plenty of business for everyone. (Truth it, there is an ‘abundance mentality’ that I’ve seen with the most successful people I know. They aren’t scared of sharing their knowledge because they know the more they give the more they get.)


That’s how I arranged to hold these elusive Internet millionaires hostage for 2 ½ days for a complete “debriefing” for you at an undisclosed location inside the “spy capital” of the world, Washington, DC. The line-up for this “Underground Online Marketing Seminar” will never be repeated with a price tag of $2,275.00 per person. What’s more, the room was completely SOLD-OUT 5 weeks before the event took place. (Just so you have a comparison – most seminars still are selling seats right up until the very day of the event.)


My Strict Selection Criteria…


The thing is, I am friends with pretty much every “Who’s Who” in every corner of the Internet. I had lots of choices and could get almost anybody for this event - but I had a very strict criteria:


  1. Find relatively unknown people actually making money online who aren’t on every “seminar circuit” pedaling their wares. I didn’t want theory or hype but tried and true verifiable and validated Internet success strategies.


  1. No one making the bulk of their income from the “Internet World” or selling “How to Make Money”. (That means they can’t be a “shovel seller”.)


  1. They had to be able to teach their methods. (Some people are terrific doers but they cannot convey their knowledge into concepts others can use and understand.)


  1. Their methods had to work and be duplicatable today without being a “super marketer” or “super geek”. (Plus, it couldn’t be something that worked 2, 3 or even 8 years ago when the Internet was just getting started.)


  1. And finally no B.S. They couldn’t just blow smoke and have no substance.


This is a pretty tall order but just take a look at these confidential profiles for your eyes only…


You’ve Probably Never Heard of Most of These Underground “Rogue Agents” But Their Results Speak for Themselves:




Here’s a real rags to riches story. Tom dropped out of school in the 9th grade, became a “hard core drug addict” by the age of 19, quit drugs and launched a worldwide import toy wholesale business.


In 1998 Tom started a little website selling “cell phone antenna boosters” and raked in over $400k. After seeing this marketplace was overly competitive and limited he did, what he calls a “sand box change” and started selling ebooks via direct email.


Tom stayed up 36 hours straight writing his first ebook “the Grant Guide”, his wife at the time said “Come to bed, no one is going to buy an e-book”. I guess the last laugh is on her. Today Tom, will do between $4,000,000 to $6,000,0000 per year in ebook sales depending on the year from his site - In a recent conversation, Tom told me one of his favorite weeks was when he made over $20,000 every single day for an entire week (all on autopilot).


Now even though Tom is making real big money now - he started small like most people will. He bought a $29 email ad and it made him $8. The spark went off in his head that if he could make $8 with a tiny ad going to 2500 people, imagine what happen if he reached 25,000 or 250,000 or 2.5 million people.

During Tom’s classified presentation you’ll find out:


  • How to mass target with broad offers and how to make this pay off big time (nobody else is doing this). Yes, there are legitimate opt-in lists out there that number in the millions of subscribers but nobody really knows how to make these profitable without spamming. Just imagine if only a teeny, tiny percentage of the millions of people on these lists would buy from you.


  • How to “change the sandbox”. This a term Tom uses to explain how to capitalize on hidden profits where others are too short-sighted to see them. One way Tom has done this is taking a product that was proven in one marketplace and transferred it over to another one for big profits.


  • How to get into the world of “Big Traffic” with CPA networks. (CPA means ‘cost per action’ or ‘acquisition’. Think of this like Super Affiliates on steroids. These networks can literally push 10,000+ customers to you at the drop of a pin.


  • How to carefully choose the right CPA network so you don’t get burned


  • What 90% of all Internet marketers FAIL to do and that’s why they go out of business.


  • How to make Amazon  & Barnes and Noble your best research tool.


  • The power of a decision and the “spark” that gets you off your ass and into action. For Tom this was how he went from homelessness to a roaring success…And much more!




Rick Rahim is the CEO of VMC Satellite, Inc., the largest independent satellite TV retailer for DISH Network.  His company owns and operates over 800 websites, including – which brings in over $10 million per year.


Just 36-years old, Rick is a self-made multimillionaire and is living proof the American Dream is alive and well. He’s has been a “serial entrepreneur” since he was 16 years old.  He has successfully started, run, and sold several small businesses with revenues in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has also built two hugely successful multimillion dollar businesses as well.  His last business brought in as much as $5 million dollars a month!


Rick lives on a $3.5 million estate and his Internet business has helped fuel his addiction for “big boy toys”.  His garage is packed with a Lamborghini Diablo, Mercedes S-500, 3 different Hummers, a Harley, and more!  Rick also owns and flies his own helicopter just for fun.


His story is quite impressive. Rick tells me in his previous business, he would spend huge amounts of money on direct mail and had a huge call center to take all of their customers’ orders.  He says, “You wouldn’t believe what our payroll and long distance phone bills used to look like.  Now, we do the same amount of volume with a much smaller staff thanks to the Internet!”


Even though Rick gets to meet and associate with celebrities politicians, sports figures and even billionaires – you’ll find him to be one of the most down-to-earth guys who really loves to talk business and help other people with their ideas.


Update: One week before the event Rick sold his business for $23M


Here are just a few things Rick will be sharing with you:


  • How to select a winning product to sell before you even start.


  • Building a realistic financial model that makes economic sense. (A truly effective way to realistically hit your financial goals the first year in business.)


  • How to build a HUGE affiliate or referral network (Rick has over 102,000 affiliates that promote his products and services). Personally, this has been one of my biggest secrets and Rick will reveal exactly how he built this up and how he continues to motivate them to sell for him.)


  • Search Engine Optimizing that works - His site attracts over 100,000 visitors per day and over the last 3 ½ years he’s brought in over 50,000,000 unique visitors to his sites.


  • Use your company in a domain name? Wrong! Do it this way and you could easily dominate your market.


  • How to compete with yourself online and literally “lock-up” the marketplace. (Trust me, this one idea is killer!)


  • Pay-per-click advertising secrets. Rick’s company spends over $250,000/month buying PPC. He’s had to discover exactly what works and what doesn’t – or else he’d be flat broke – fast! (Plus, which position should really be? This might surprise you.)


  • The right way to outsource and when to hire. Plus, lots more straight from the trenches…


Now the one huge secret I’m really excited that I’ve convinced Rick to share is his “Million Dollar Test”. Rick believes that anyone who works hard enough can easily make a six-figure income.  (He’s done it time and time again with many businesses.) 


But at the Underground Online Marketing Seminar, Rick shared his secret insight and techniques that most entrepreneurs never think about if you really want to make millions of dollars! This is for big thinkers only!


According to Rick, when planning your business, you must consider certain factors and know how to deal with them -- if you want to take your own income past the million-dollar mark.  Rick gave out his personal “Million Dollar Test” that he applies to every business idea or opportunity he looks at.  Rick swears by this test, and I’ve twisted his arm to share it with you.


I could probably stop with our first two guests - but we’re still not even close to done with this amazing line-up. Next up…


Here’s a guy who took a copyright-free public domain poem, added a few stock photos and - BAM - created a traffic explosion!


Morgan Westerman’s website is an unstoppable viral traffic machine. Now in case, you are a little unsure about viral marketing – think about this. You’ve probably experienced a friend or colleague forwarding you a joke in your email or telling you to check out a site. Well, that’s viral marketing. It got its name from a virus that spreads from one person to another because you create an avalanche of traffic when you get other people doing your promotion work for you.


In less than 2 ½ years Morgan’s site had over 25,000,000 unique visitors get to his site without spending a dime on advertising.


But more importantly, he’s turned that free traffic into a 500,000+ name mailing list, over135,000 customers in 152 countries. And the real icing on the cake, $1,100,000 in cold, hard cash selling mostly downloadable screensavers, calendars, mugs and other items related to his Interview with God material. Currently, he’s on track to do more than $3 million in sales in 2005.


Watch a special sneak preview of what Morgan shared



The great thing is, nearly anybody can still do the exact same thing! Morgan will show you in detail:


  • How he built his unstoppable viral marketing machine. (Or more importantly understanding the psychology of “Buzz marketing”  and why it can be more effective than viral marketing.)


  • The 4 keys to practically forcing your visitors to help make your site “go viral” and send your website all the free traffic you can stand…while you sleep. (Literally turn your visitors into on-line evangelists for your product or service.)


  • The 5 ingredients you need to launch a successful buzz campaign.


  • How to hit your prospect’s hot buttons if you want your buzz campaign takes on a life of its own.


  • 21 powerful strategies, tools, and techniques for creating products and driving traffic


  • Point-by-point case studies of his public domain projects including  "Interview with God", "Pathways", and 5 more public domain projects in the works


  • How to cash in on visitors who weren’t planning on buying a thing. (And exactly why your customer is probably not buying what you THINK you’re selling.)


  • What is the one magic question you MUST ask yourself BEFORE you launch a site/product in order to create a BUZZ and generate sales? And more…




It doesn’t matter your opinion about Internet porn, the fact is it is a VERY profitable and extremely competitive business. Researchers estimate pornography accounts for $2.5 billion of the $57 billion worldwide Internet market. Of course, it’s also one of the most hyper competitive marketplaces.  Statistics I’ve seen say the number of pornography related web pages grew from 14 million in 1998 to roughly 260 million in 2003. That’s a 1800% increase!


Adult sites have always been the forefront of using the newest, most aggressive marketing. Just one example is pop-ups. Long before pop-ups were common place – porn sites were using them like crazy.


I managed to get Jim Lillig, who’s been on the inside the adult entertainment industry formerly of, to come forward and share how mainstream Internet marketers can use adult web site secrets.


Just so you know, Jim is not some sleazy adult guy – but actually a very savvy businessman. He graduated from Loyola University in Chicago, worked in corporate America with Fortune 500 clients.


In 1997 he started his own web consultancy, Softsell, Inc.  Since then he has been involved as an owner and VP Marketing in many profitable projects, including SK Intertainment (owner of and AffTrack LLC. In 2003 he left SK Intertainment to pursue the new wave of digital delivery for media at Almond Networks Inc, where he’s the VP Marketing.


During Jim’s exploits in the adult world with (the site he launched in 1999 with local radio personality Jim McBride AKA “Mr. Skin”) has never had an unprofitable month thanks to the strong affiliate marketing and entertainment media where Jim focuses today. MrSkin has been covered by everyone from Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, LA Times to Comedy Central, ABC News, The Howard Stern Show, Tech TV and the BBC.


Jim’s totally uncensored presentation will let you in on:


  • How you can apply some of the more aggressive adult industry techniques for your own mainstream Internet site…without being shady or inappropriate. What you can really learn from the $2 billion adult internet world that can help your on-line business (this answer will surely surprise you)


  • The ‘Naked Truth’ about how to build a profitable subscription website on any topic in any niche (Jim has worked on sites with thousands – sometimes tens of thousands – of members lining up $19.95, $29.95…even $100 a month.)


  • The secret to getting “the hook” into your customer base so they keep paying month after month


  • The “Fragmentation technique” - what it is and why you have to have it on your site


  • The secret of the “walled garden” and why customers won’t find it on any search engines! (And that’s exactly what you want to keep members paying longer.)


  • Proven and tested ‘undercover’ Affiliate prospecting strategies


  • How to get Affiliates to stay active and keep promoting your products or services. (Jim has a 10% active rate with his affiliate program – most hover around 1% – 2%.)


  • The down and dirty side of Affiliate marketing! What you MUST have in your affiliate agreement so your affiliate doesn’t just set up shop and compete against you.


  • The 5-step formula on how to get on radio shows for free to promote your product. Using the media is one of the most underused methods of promoting your site. Jim is an expert at getting you on radio and turning that into real visitors and real profits.


  • How to use Peer-to-Peer networks (P2P is file sharing like Napster) for marketing your business at almost no cost up front using DRM solutions that put you in control of the content and messages you want to expose targeted traffic to. (You can literally get millions of unique visitors to your site virally using P2P as a search engine – Almond Networks sites now get over 3 million uniques every month.). And even more…




Jeff is definitely someone who likes to stay in the shadows and out of the spotlight except for the people in the know who rely on him as their ‘secret weapon’. In fact, John Reese publicly thanked Jeff for helping mastermind his monumental “Million dollar day”. (In case, you never heard about it – John Reese sold over $1,080,496.37 in one day of his information product.)


After defecting from the corporate world, Jeff started making real money selling information online in 1996. (He was actually selling online subscriptions for $700 back in 1996, and making a tidy profit.)


Since then he’s launched 29 different sites (all profitable). Jeff has used just about every revenue model out there - selling his own stuff, PPC, CPA, JV's, etc. Plus, driven traffic in just about every way from publicity, lists, PPC, natural search, viral, etc. etc...


Like I said, Jeff is a very private guy and prefers to keep his numbers under his hat but he told me, “Let's say I broke the six figure mark online in 1998, and it has never stopped growing.”


But really Jeff is infamous for engineering six figure paydays in less than 7 days! (Personally, I’ve even followed his techniques to earn over 6-figures in less than 4 days from a recent project. Thanks Jeff!)


The first time he did this, Jeff actually needed to come up with a quick $70k for a down payment on a second home. So he put together a killer launch strategy that would make them jump when he wanted them to jump. Jeff launched the product and made $106,000.00 in revenues. And get this - his cost of fulfillment was under $10.00 and his total marketing cost was under $4 (The only real costs were his merchant fees.) Nice!


Now he has refined his process into a true “system” he can tap into anytime.


Watch a special sneak preview of what Jeff shared



Luckily, I’ve managed to get Jeff (grudgingly) to reveal his simple yet insanely profitable 7-day moneymaking formula and more:


  • How to do a killer product launch that generates huge cash flows almost instantly.  (Sorry - it’s not as simple as copying any recent campaign you may have seen because there are lots of little details that are completely below the surface.)


  • How to build up incredible ‘anticipation’ in your marketplace so they cannot help but get so excited about your product - they’ll be almost begging you to buy before the release.


  • The 3 most important factors that will explode the sales numbers on any new product you launch and the 4 deliveries you need to use to unveil any new product.


  • The awesome power of using a simple BLOG and NOT a long sales letter to get your customer’s onboard for your launch.


  • How to effectively test your product with a sub-list so you don’t blow your launch


  • Why you should NEVER use an autoresponder if you want your list really excited about your product launch


  • How to turn any objections your prospects have on your product into a total “non-issue” before you launch.


  • How to make people so rabid about your product launch that they won't even bother reading your sales letter... they will just go straight to the order form and put in their credit card number.


  • How to create email promotions that make more than $20, $30 or more per name. (One of Jeff’s recent promotions was worth $43 per email address on his list.)



Yep, this is the same “Dave” from the earlier story.


Dave Dee went from working at a job he hated, $15,000 in debt, and his pregnant wife working two jobs out of necessity, to debt free with as much as $50,000 a month coming in and a dream business he runs out of his own in shorts and a tee-shirt.


Make no mistake, Dave is one of the most astute marketers when it comes to niche marketing. He currently sells to 6 different niches (and counting). Each one is profitable on their own but together they make a very impressive information empire.


Dave will show you:


  • How you can extract maximum money from small niches using both online and offline marketing. 


  • How to use offline marketing specifically designed to drive people online. (Not selling products offline). 100% of Dave’s high six-figures+ business this year has been made online.


  • The 6 critical elements to choosing a profitable niche.


  • A new breakthrough “Cluster” system for creating small front end dollars from a group of small niches to a huge monthly backend income. (Dave’s new business plan revolves around this concept and so far it rocks!)


  • How you need less than 200 people in each niche to make you a staggering income your Accountant would choke on.


  • The completely unique “Tunnel System” of selling high-priced items to first-time visitors (significantly more effective than a “mini course” – it blows away the typical e-mail marketing model.)


  • How to effectively use off-line marketing to kick butt on-line - before your competition does. (Get the real secret of automating your offline marketing to make as easy and painless as online marketing!)


  • How to uncover little, virtually unknown niche publications that have hot, eager buyers waiting for your product or service.


  • “Victoria Secret’s Secret” to success? Hotmail addresses and why you absolutely have to use them (Huh? You’ll just have to watch to get it.)


  • How to create a $50,000.00 - $100,000.00 per year Internet business in 21 days or less...and then do it over and over again. Plus, lots more…



Richard Beaty calls himself a member of the "Baby Boomer" generation. He says, “We were taught to get an education, get a job, work hard for your employer, and retire on a pension.”


He dutifully got a good job with a Fortune 500 company, and advanced through the ranks to a management position until one-day there was something wrong with the dream. He realized his ideas weren’t being considered, upper management that was more interested in holding meetings and doing things as they had always been done. Worst of all, he was spending 10-12 hours a day in a job where he was miserable.


What Richard really wanted was the American dream...and had long admired this little town in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It sat in a beautiful valley with magnificent views. The people there were friendly. There was one stop light in the whole town. You could drive anywhere in 10 minutes. Deer roamed the neighborhoods. It was a virtual storybook town.


But there was one big problem. There were no jobs in this storybook town.


That’s when Richard decided to create his dream job in his dream town and started an Internet portal for the town.


Most people think you can’t make money with a portal – well guess again. Richard’s portal - (which he sold to his kids, allowing them to move from the city to the Colorado mountains and support 2 families and 3 of their own children) generates over $250,000 in revenue in a town of less than 10,000 people.


Watch a special sneak preview of what Richard shared



During his revealing session you’ll hear about:


  • 12 specific ways to make money with a portal Website


  • How to maximize your portal revenue by building a “product line” of offers with almost NO additional work on your part…and keep making you recurring revenue, month after money-making month.


  • 7 ways to get content for your Website without writing original material yourself … (or, if you really want to write it yourself – that adds up to 8 ways).


  • Secrets to driving traffic to your new portal Website (and it’s not just about search engine optimization). Richard’s portal gobbles up over 250,000 visitors per month!


  • A complete "bag of tricks" for getting paid sponsors for your portals – plus, the single-most important thing Richard does that makes them feel like they don't dare NOT sign up.


  • A unique way of using radio advertising with your sponsors even if you live in a small town and still achieve strong ROI (the answer might surprise you).


  • An ingenious little way of making sure most sponsors wouldn’t dare be left off of your portal. (Then it automatically becomes a cakewalk for them to remain paying sponsors and keep being upgraded.)


  • How the “World Wide Web” really applies to any home town and why it’s more important for local merchants.


  • How and why you have to have the the right  “theme” for your portal website to succeed.


  • How you can turn portal Websites into a full-time income. You know, tell your boss "goodbye", work at something you truly enjoy, be your own boss, work where you want when you want, and then when you are ready -- sell the business you have built and walk away with a ton of dough in the bank. (Yes, since his first portal Richard has also successfully created and sold 6 portals while honing the process even further.)




Before getting involved on the Internet, Jeff was a sales manager, sales trainer, district manager, vice-president of a financial services firm. He personally generated millions in commissions and trained others to produce tens of millions of dollars for themselves.

One day, he hopped on a plane and flew to an Internet seminar to see if your "Average Joe" was making a good living on the Net. He could see a lot of opportunity and jumped in himself as an affiliate marketer. He decided not to create his own product but rather sell other people’s stuff and just cash the checks they sent him.


Jeff went from an absolute standstill to a CONSISTENT five figures a month on the Internet in less than 5 ½ months after building his first site... all without collecting emails or doing customer service (just using free search engine traffic and only working every other day!).


He’s received a six figure paycheck and produced five figure commissions in a single day more times than he can possibly count. Not only has he done it himself but he’s really proud to have helped several friends build five and six figures incomes on the Internet using nothing more than search engines for traffic. He won’t let me reveal his sites or his numbers because the last time he did Google “came” after him.


Watch a special sneak preview of what Jeff shared



Jeff was probably the hardest “Underground” success story I had to convince to show up here and spill his guts. But after some friendly peer pressure from his best friend, Secret Agent ‘6-in-7’, and over a few bourbons he finally agreed.


Trust, me it’s was all worth it because Jeff will give you these true hidden gems:


  • How to really use the hottest technology of RSS, blogs and datafeeds to skyrocket your affiliate earnings.


  • Exactly how Jeff generated $454,096.78 in sales his first three months being an affiliate for Amazon (and this wasn’t even his biggest sales channel). The best part is it was all done by using a $100 piece of "off the shelf" software that took him less than 2 hours to install and on two domains that didn't even exist before Jeff started selling their products. (This goes completely in the face of common belief that it takes you at least 3 months to even get listed in Google - let alone produce hundreds of thousands in revenue selling "real products") Click here for proof of when Jeff was approved by Amazon and his affiliate sales


  • What’s a “money site” and “feeder site” and why you need 2 very different strategies to protect your earnings.


  • Why one of the most popular blog formats could actually be a severe handicap to driving traffic.


  • Why a friend would give Jeff a Rolex watch for his 40th birthday because of what he revealed to him.


  • The one true secret to getting almost unlimited amounts of free traffic and income from every major search engine…and tons more!



In 1998 Rebecca Fine, had a classic success manual sent to her by a friend. The author had been dead nearly 90 years but the message was so powerful she had to get it out. Rebecca took this freely available public domain book and started giving it away for free from her site because as she says: "I got tired of emailing the ebook to so many people".


Her ebook took on a life of its own and this "viral" ebook started getting passed along and forwarded to people. Today she has ezine subscribers from over 155 different countries and she now has a whole line of products built around this one freely available success book.


Rebecca tells me she is making more money than she ever imagined and "living her life on purpose teaching the message in this incredible book". I would have to agree. As I was confirming if she could make this event, she emailed me back to say she’s vacationing without her computer for 3 months in Latin America. She only checks in occasionally from an Internet café while her business runs on autopilot. Wow!


From Rebecca you’ll find out:


  • How to take a free-to-use public domain work and turn into fast-selling and ultra profitable derivative works.


  • How to make your customers and subscribers ‘evangelists’ for your offers and products.


  • How to set up an automatic way for customers to keep upgrading themselves into your higher priced services and products…with almost zero promotion.


Plus, even more important than the ‘nuts and bolts’ business information – she’ll share with you critical information on the New Science of Getting Rich:


  • Give up trying to get rid of "negative" thoughts and feelings. It doesn't work. But this does!


  • The awesome power of being unreasonable.


  • What you have to do to successfully run your on-line business so it doesn’t run you.


  • Why NOT knowing how to get what you want is cause for celebration!


  • You already know procrastination is a killer. Here's what it's really about - it's not laziness!  - and how to get past it.


  • Unlocking your single greatest natural power. (You're already using it every day, mostly unconsciously. Here's how to make it work for you instead of against.). And still more…



Here’s a 19-year old kid who is doing over $15,000/month online with a digital-only product in a tiny niche that has absolutely nothing to do with online marketing or making money….and the amazing part is it only took him 40 days to get there!


After studying Internet Marketing since he was 16 and after tons of failures and hard lessons - he finally learned the secrets to making money online. (Originally he was trying to sell a ‘how to make money online’ eBook and it was a dismal failure.)


Kacper will show you:


  • How to tap into a red-hot niche market with practically zero competition.


  • How to test out these niche markets in a matter of days to find out if you have a goldmine or a dump, and exactly how to DOMINATE your market so you can keep extracting profits month, after money-making month.


  • The totally overlooked, yet extremely simple strategies that can easily double your profits overnight. (With 5 minutes of work Kacper doubled his profits on his site.)


  • A dirty trick in Google that most experts don't know about.  What Kacper added to his headline that doubled his profits for one of his keywords. This one keyword now consistently brings us $3,000 in Net profits per month.  Yes, just from one keyword!


  • The exact process of how he exponentially grew his site in days instead of months or years. How he went from 4 sales at $27/each to $15,000 on the front-end (and growing!).


  • How and The simple technique to use with your google ad headline if you want a higher click though rate.



  • Where to get a ghost writer to produce your e-book for pennies on the dollar


  • Plus, I interrogated Kacper for the last 15 minutes of his presentation to reveal exactly what he did in which order to create this nice six-figure moneymaker.



I cannot reveal “Ms. X”s true identity here. However, I can give you some de-classified background on her accomplishments…


She has created numerous autopilot businesses selling exclusively as an affiliate for other people. A couple of years ago, “Ms. X” generated over $412,000.00 in commissions selling other people's stuff online. She now earns much more than that! Ms. X sells everything from “hard” products to services and everything in between.  What’s more, she often earns more than the business owners whose products she promotes – all without creating or selling her own product.


Listen to Ms. X as she reveals her closely guarded secrets:


  • How to AVOID the #1 mistakes nearly 90%of all affiliates make.


  • Exactly how you can quickly and easily negotiate a “Raise” in your commissions


  • How to become an affiliate marketer starting on a shoestring budget of only $30 a month.


  • The 20 most important questions that You MUST get answers to BEFORE you join an affiliate program.


  • The unvarnished truth about using affiliate networks like Commission Junction and Linkshare (objective pros and cons from a real insider).


  • Pay per sale? Pay per click? Pay per lead? Here’s the one you want to join to get the biggest bang for your commission buck.


  • The one and only software program that can track your affiliate programs to make your life simple.


  • 9 Proven ways to get traffic to your site for FREE.


  • How to become an "Instant Expert" in just about any niche you want to sell as an affiliate!


Plus, Ms. X will also be covering affiliate marketing for the merchant. So if you want to recruit “Super Affiliates” like her – you need to be all ears for her session.


Now is this an incredible line-up or what?


And Then There’s Me…


Now in case you need a refresher on my story. In only a few short months I've achieved the ultimate Internet "fantasy" of making a lot of money from a simple web site that runs itself virtually on autopilot (and no, it didn't have anything to do with sleazy porn sites or selling "get rich quick" information).


My first web site,, is responsible for bringing me a hefty six-figure income. (Not bad considering it takes me a couple hours a week to look after and I run the whole thing out of the corner of my living room.) And that’s just one of my automatic oil wells.


Now I presented brand new information I’ve never shared before in public. It was a huge shocker for the lucky individuals who attended - starting with how to sell ultra-high priced and high ticket information products and services.


Here’s a quick glimpse of my track record in this area:


ü      $43,668.73 in 24 hours from a tiny list of 4200 people and that figured ballooned to over six-figured in less than 4 days.


ü      Sold out two ultra high-priced $14,497.00 “Apprentice Programs” and created a waiting list just using email.


ü      New program launched to doctors at $7,995.00/monthfor 2005 (Yes, that’s nearly $100k for every single client we pick up). You’ll hear my new developments and insights here on this launch - in fact here’s what one attendee said about this presentation:


“I really liked your presentation after that. Not only going through the steps and the "whys" of what you did, but giving tips along the way. And the "More Cosmetic Cases" case study was amazing. A great example of "selling the fish" and getting big money from it for a specialized niche. That's definitely an "advanced-class" case study. It was all certainly a great seminar, and worth what I paid multiple times over.”

- Darrell Merrick, Phoenix, AZ


What’s more, I also covered the inner workings of one of the most successful new affiliate programs. For the last year, I’ve been running Dan Kennedy’s affiliate program and was part of team responsible for 4x the membership. You’ll find out the ultra-secretive affiliate techniques I used here.


On my own I’ve built up an affiliate network of over 31,781 from scratch but this is how I’d build a new affiliate program is starting over again.


Plus, even more I cannot even hint at because it’s still top-secret…


Straight From the Trenches “No B.S.” Info


Truthfully, it was a gargantuan task to locate, uncover, convince and coax these “under the radar” Internet marketers to come forward and pull back the curtain for the “Underground Online Marketing Seminar”.


But on the other hand, don’t expect to watch some carefully scripted or polished speech. Look, they’re simply going to give it you straight without a ‘dog and pony’ show at the end.


Plus, I took another extraordinary step to make sure every guest presenters really laid their cards on the table with the…


$10.000.00 ‘Top Underground Marketer’ Award


Just to provide even more incentive for each speaker to give you their absolute best and most useable information - I decided to really go out on a limb! The audience was able to vote for the speaker who gave you the most directly impactful information they could take straight to the bank. The winner was awarded ‘Top Underground Marketer’ and I put up a $10,000.00 check that goes to their favorite charity. (THEY sure don’t need the money!)


Now I can tell you one thing for sure – most of these guys and gals are super competitive. That means, they were going to go all out trying to outdo one another vying for “the crown”. And you just get to sit back and soak it all in. 


Listen, this event’s premise was so exciting even Dan Kennedy showed up as an attendee. Yes, I’m talking about “THE” Dan Kennedy. Personally, studying Dan's material has been largely responsible for millions in sales of my products. I sent Dan my sales letter for the Underground Seminar to review and he was so impressed he actually signed up on the spot to attend. I was blown away.


Dan’s schedule is always booked air-tight but he re-arranged a bunch of things to be able to come and learn from this group of REAL Internet doers. Just so you know I'm not kidding here's a copy of Dan's check (he got in with the early-bird discount). Listen, there's got to be a reason why someone of Dan Kennedy's caliber came as an attendee to listen and learn, right?


As everyone knows, Dan personally loathes the Internet (even though he banks hundreds of thousands online having others do the work). And to him talking about the Internet is about as appealing as going on a 13-day cruise with accountants. He quickly puts the kabash on the Internet talk during our Platinum meetings. ;)


Not only did Dan come as an attendee but I put him to work.


During the second day I arranged a private, closed-door “Q & A” session for certain attendees. Dan routinely commands fees of $7,800.00 to $8,300.00 per day for private consulting but the people in the room were able to pick his brain on any topic from information marketing to direct marketing to copywriting!


Watch a special sneak preview of what Dan shared



Now Dan wasn’t the only high-profile attendee...


As I was going down the list of registrants, I spotted all sorts of offline and online 'celebrity' marketers. (Several I personally know are verifiable, bona fide millionaires and multi-millionaires.) All of them attended on their own dime for one simple reason…to hear what these "Real World" Underground successes are doing online.


In fact, attendees came from the far reaches of the globe. They came in from the UK, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Romania and even Japan and Australia. Actually Phil Wiley, from Australia, said this in his newsletter: "...This is first seminar exciting enough to lure me to America in the past 4 years."


So the big question remains – “Was it worth it?”


Listen to Attendees Raving About The

“Underground Online Marketing Seminar”:


 “I wanted to send you this the *minute* I got back from your Underground Seminar, but I've been too busy implementing all the ideas and strategies I learned (and raking in boatloads of cash!) The reason savvy internet marketers really go to seminars is for the networking and the awesome business relationships that you can create by just meeting people face to face. I personally brought in over $200k (in just under two weeks) from only two joint ventures that I made at your seminar for my new software product. Awesome! And I know I've got over a $500,000 worth of ideas in my notes from listening to your 'underground' speakers... I'll achieve my goal this year of over $1 million in combined online sales this year for the first time – Thanks Yanik! Looking forward to your next seminar.”

- Brett Fogle, Blog Power Software,


 “The Underground event was hands-down THE best event I have ever invested in.  The information was so fresh and valuable I know it will grow my business at least 5 times over the next year.  My goal is to be averaging $50,000 a month with my little niche market energy healing products and membership site and live events by next years event.  My intention is to be successful enough to be invited to present as one of the dynamic female marketers making it big in a Niche.  Thanks for bringing such fun and intelligent people together, I was honored to be numbered amongst some them.”

- Carol Tuttle, Best-Selling Author - "Remembering Wholeness"


“…The quality of speakers was 'awesome', to borrow your phrase, and my knowledge of this opportunity has soared to heights I did not know existed. It has been a life changing few days and I am so grateful to you, your team and the speakers for this mind-blowing experience.” – Chris Morton, Flintshire, UK


“Kudos for a fantastic seminar!...I already know I’m going to make back 10x’s that amount [spent]. Actually I’ll be disappointed if I “only” earn $150,000. I expect to make much more. And if I don’t, it will be my fault, not yours. I came away with 3 pages of BIG IDEAS. Even if you sent me home on 2 pm on Day 1, I would have still felt like I got many times my money’s worth.” – Paul Partridge, Westfield, NJ


“Your event was power packed with ideas and techniques for boosting business.  I left with a structured plan filled with specific strategies for increasing sales, launching my new product, and increasing my practice off-line.  And when sales are up in my business, there's more love and romance in the world.  Thanks for assembling a unique team of speakers who were willing to share the inside secrets they used in creating their own success, to help others in achieving their dreams.”

- Leslie Karsner, PhD,


“Yanik, once again you over-delivered! I heard more strategies, tips, and ideas worth jumping on than ever before. It was really authentic, high quality info. I should know -- I'm an Internet marketing consultant. In just one call today, I outlined a way for my client to pick up an extra $5,000 minimum this month, based on what I heard at your seminar (and, that's a minimum.)”

- Barbara Keddy, President, Be Great! Marketing,


“I primarily go to seminars for the networking, and your seminar was great in that respect.  I'm already benefiting from several joint ventures as a result and just a few

months later these JVs have made enough profit to pay for your seminar 5x over already.


“However, the real pleasant surprise for me was the quality of the info delivered by the speakers. The information was every bit as powerful as you promised, and much of it was

content I never heard before (and I've been to a lot of seminars).  Thanks for such a great opportunity to learn and grow my business.” - Jeff Mulligan,


“All I can say is "WOW, what an amazing experience..." Your conference is one of the first I've been too and I was a bit hesitant when I signed up. Well, I'm glad I did because in less than 2 weeks after getting back from it, I tripled my investment solely thanks to your Underground seminar (about $7,000 in profits)!


“Not to mention all the amazing ideas I have now. I'm tweaking all of my websites and conversions are already rising (by a lot!). Additionally, all the amazing information that Jeff Johnson provided has already started bringing me more traffic!…Needless to say, I'm coming to the next one ;) ” - Anik Singal,


I’m sorry you missed it because this same line-up will never be together again…


However the good news is I’ve decided to make available a strictly limited number (ONLY 750 531 399 329 226 0 ) of the “At-Home” DVD, Audio CD version and workbook from this one-time-only event (including the bonus Dan Kennedy “Q & A” lunch).



Only 750 583 399 329 226 0 Individually Numbered Sets Will Be Sold… EVER!


Part of my agreement with the speakers was I could not “flood” the marketplace with their underground techniques. If that happened, these techniques would stop being as powerful and productive for everyone (including the speakers themselves).


Frankly, I have absolutely no intention of that happening or letting everyone and their brother in on these secrets. Or for that matter, to have the information revealed become part of some flimsy $20 ebook. (In fact, all attendees were required to sign a comprehensive non-disclosure document to guarantee this wouldn’t happen.)


That’s why I’ve strictly limited the number to just 750 583 399 329 226 0 individually numbered and certified briefcases containing the DVD & CD sets. (Yes, even though there are hundreds of thousands of Internet marketers out there and even 5x this amount wouldn’t make a dent in the marketplace – I’d rather play it doubly safe to keep this information safeguarded.) Fair disclosure – at some point I may release a small “highlights” version of this event but it’ll be ruthlessly edited and censored.


A sell-out is nearly certain because my subscribers and customers alone number over 110,841. Then that doesn’t even count the select joint venture partners who will each be given a small allotment of sets to sell to their lists.


Personally, I prefer to sell off all 750 583 399 329 226 0 sets as fast as possible in order to focus on other online and offline projects I’ve got going on. That’s why, I’ve decided to up the ante and throw in a few additional goodies...


Bonus #1: Underground Internet Technology Lab

That Even James Bond’s Gadget Guy “Q” Would Envy


Here’s yet another reason to make sure you don’t miss getting your set of DVDs/CDs…


You’ll get to see some of the latest and greatest moneymaking technology for the Internet today. During the event I allowed a select number of vendors to come in and showcase their powerful “Underground” technology and resources. (Plus, you’ll even hear the inside story of one participant who was going to present his technology but ending up getting bought out for a sweet 7-figure deal!)


It’s no secret I’m a total ‘computer dunce’ but I still pay careful attention when I see innovations that can produce more money for me and my businesses. No doubt, you’ll see at least one tool that can improve your bottom line remarkably.


Bonus #2: Underground Secrets Audience Competition


At the live event we had audience members competing to give away their best “underground” secrets in order to win a 2-day “Mission Impossible” spy trip. You’ll get to see and hear even more real-world and totally under-the-radar tips, secrets and strategies. Like I mentioned before – as I was checking the list of attendees I spotted all sorts of offline and online 'celebrity' marketers. So if these guys are showing their stuff – you know it’s gotta be good.


In fact, here’s what one attendee had to say this session alone was worth to him:


“…just one of the ideas that was revealed in your "marketing competition" during the seminar has already helped me make $1,500 just by sending 1 e-mail… ”

- Anik Singal,


Bonus #3: Classified Interrogation Recordings


Following the event I got on the phone for a series of 4 follow-up teleconference calls with each of the speakers. Typically seminars leave you on your own after the event – but not in this case. After the event was over and attendees had a chance to recover, review their notes, and implement actions – I let them ask any remaining burning questions to the speakers.


You’ll be privy to these four private 1 hour 30 minute recordings (actually many of them ran into 2 hours because of all the information I was getting out of them).


On each call I grilled the guests starting with the best questions attendees asked. Then I personally interrogate each speaker to get out even more juicy info. Trust me, I really put these guys and gals through the wringer a bit.


Here’s a tiny sample of the information I managed to wrangle out:


  • Morgan Westerman revealed the exact tools and resources for building a viral ‘screen saver’ blitz.


  • Rebecca Fine came clean about how to sell without selling (huh?).


  • Ms. X” shared her criteria for marketplace and affiliate product selection.


  • Rick Rahim gave away his secret for how to literally “OWN” the entire marketplace you compete in.


  • Jim Lillig let slip the only 2 things you should think about if you are putting together a membership using non-proprietary information. (Hint: _____ate and _______ate)


  • Kacper Postawski revealed a simple trick to make sure you ALWAYS get above .5% CTR in Google.


  • Dave Dee detailed his exact formula for making an extra $2,000.00 - $3,000.00 a month using Clickbank’s marketplace (it’s almost too easy and too good to share!)


  • Richard Beaty reveals the results of his little “no-writing” experiment in finding content for just about any kind of portal. Pretty slick and super easy to follow.


  • Jeff Johnson lets me step behind the curtain of his ultra profitable blog sites


  • Jeff Walker spills the beans on how to strategically build-up your buying frenzy for a product release.


  • Tom Bell about how to start small and go huge with CPM and CPA offers. And lots more…


Now before we go on I have to warn you…


This Information is Positively NOT for Everybody


It is FOR YOU if are already doing something online in one way or another. If that’s the case, then I can promise you the new information revealed here will be responsible for at least an extra six-figure revenue stream or addition to your business. It’s an absolute no-brainer and shoe-in! Unless you have a ‘know-it-all’, ‘seen-it-all’ attitude. Or you like to whine and complain. In that case – please, please, please do us both a favor and save everyone a bunch of headaches by allowing somebody else to take your spot and profit from this information.


It is also FOR YOU if you are an Internet newbie but very, very serious about building a profitable business online. This is a golden opportunity to be provided with a true shortcut and roadmap from multiple sources who have all “done it”.


What Kind of Price Tag Should This Information Carry?


Frankly, this is going to be one of the biggest bargains you’re going to get from me. As you recall, I already shared the fact that attendees paid up to $2,275.00 to be at the live event and that's not even counting airfare, hotel, food and time away from the office.


One colleague argued that I should charge the exact same $2,275.00 for “At-Home” version. I seriously considered $995 or $1295 but in the end decided against that. In order to put this into more people’s hands it’s priced at only $795. (And you can even pay in 2 easy installments of $397.50 if you prefer so it really turns out to be peanuts compared to the possible return here.)


How About a Guarantee?


Absolutely, there is a big, bold brassy one! I’m determined never to have an unhappy customer:

Here's the deal: Your guarantee is for 6 months, totally unconditional. No questions asked and no note from your mother required. Get the Underground Online Marketing Seminar material - watch the videos, listen to the audios, go through the written material and try it all out. And if you're not absolutely thrilled for any reason (or no reason at all) - I'll cheerfully refund your purchase price in full.

Listen, I don’t need to make you jump through any hoops or “prove” anything to me because if you’re even a little unsure this material isn’t right for you I insist you return it.




Because if you make the decision to return your set – I know I’ll have dozens and dozens of people waiting in line to pounce on any returns.


Fact is, the tremendous value of the exclusive information, trade secrets, strategies, tips and resources being shared from these 2 ½ days aren’t available to anyone else, anywhere or at any price!


Here’s How to Get Your Copy Immediately:


One: Click Here to Order Safely and Securely Online. You can pay using PayPal or your choice of Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover.




Two: you can FAX the “No-Risk Trial Form” in, anytime, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week, using your choice of credit cards


Three: You can call 301-770-0423 and use your choice of credit cards.


Four: you can mail in the “No-Risk Trial Form” along with a personal or company check made payable to: Surefire Marketing, Inc, 10832 Brewer House Road, N. Bethesda, MD 20852. (I strongly suggest FedEx because if you are #751 you will placed on a ‘wait list’ and your money will be returned.)


The next move is up to you but I’ll bet you these 750 583 399 329 226 0 sets won’t last long! Don’t miss out.


All the best,



Yanik Silver


P.S. Use your powerful spy observation skills to look over the line-up again. Do you notice any common characteristics about these Internet entrepreneurs?


I don’t think so.


There are men and women…There people from all over the country…You’ve got young (like the 19 year-old “kid”) and then the 3-time grandfather like Secret Agent “Portal Payday”. Truly, the only thing in common is that these are regular, ordinary people who have simply figured out how to make the Internet their personal ATM machine…just like you can (if you follow their lead).


Click here to order immediately

Last Minute Update:

You Could Win Super Cool Spy Gear


What good is being a Secret Agent unless you’ve got the right gear?


When you receive your briefcase –check to see if your unique briefcase# is listed as a winner on a top-secret bonus webpage. Each week we’ll be choosing new briefcase numbers at random from the current numbers already issued.


If your briefcase # appears on this top-secret page – you’re the winner of cool spy prizes and gadgets like:


ü            James Bond DVDs…


ü            007 digital spy cameras…


ü            Austin Powers DVDs


ü            Remote control watches… and lots more


The sooner you get your briefcase the more chances you have to win each week!


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